The Best 5 Metaverse and Web3 Coins to Buy in 2024

The Best 5 Metaverse and Web3 Coins to Buy in 2024

The metaverse is fast becoming an integral part of the crypto ecosystem. Several projects have been launched based on the idea of metaverse, and many more are still coming up. This goes to show the importance of such technology in the evolving world of crypto.

Like any other blockchain projects, metaverse projects have tokens they use to power their ecosystems. Such tokens, among other uses, serve as governance tokens, for paying transaction fees, as well as buying metaverse items within the ecosystem.

They also serve as tokens that investors can buy and hold to make gains over time or even trade. Another way they are used is for staking to earn passive rewards. The following are the best metaverse coins that you can buy and use for any of these purposes. 

Axie Infinity (AXS)

Axie Infinity is one of the oldest metaverse projects in the crypto space. The project is powered by AXS, the token used to pay for in-game items. You can use AXS to buy Axies which are the little characters used in the game, or their eggs.

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You can then grow them with certain characteristics and then use them to fight other people’s axies. As you win in such battles, you’ll be rewarded with more AXS tokens. Axie Infinity is the first play-to-earn game and has since been a favorite of many game lovers. 

With AXS, you can also own virtual lands and through which you can feed and grow your Axies to prosper in the game. All items in the mataverse are non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Such an earning opportunity is likely to attract more users, which means AXS value will increase over time.

Decentraland (MANA)

Decnetraland is an Ethereum-based virtual community where users can come together to do pretty much anything. The community is powered by MANA, which is the native token of the project. 

You can build an avatar of yourself and buy virtual lands, and engage in any number of fun activities within the virtual space. You can build museums, pyramids, art galleries, and many other places which you can own as NFTs with verifiable ownerships.

Members of the community use MANA to pay for all items in the virtual world, including lands. Rewards are also paid using the same token and you can also stake it outside the metaverse to earn passive income with it.

Sandbox (SAND)

Sandbox is an open world metaverse project with a minecraft theme. Users can engage in several activities, including buying lands, collectables, wearables and other items, create experiences, and trade items in the in-world virtual reality marketplace.

The project is focused on supporting builders, including large companies, allowing them to build full-fledged games. Users can buy land and build anything on such lands in the metaverse.

SAND is the native token used to power this project, and is used to transfer value within the metaverse. Users need SAND to buy land, avatar accessories, gems, and other collectibles within Metaverse platforms. You can also use it to stake on land to earn a share of rewards from that land.

Creators also use it to list their creations on the Metaverse platform marketplace, while players need it to gain access to games and experiences.

Gala (GALA)

Gala is a film, gaming, and music studio known for its immersive content. First known as a gaming studio, the project evolved to include other forms of entertainment including Metaverse which is still in the pipelines. 

Players of Gala Games get to experience real gaming fun on blockchain technology while earning rewards through its play-to-earn feature which rewards players winning battles and completing challenges. 

Players can also buy digital assets with Metaverse cryptocurrencies, items like weapons, tools, characters, skins, etc as non fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain. Most of the items are paid for using GALA token, which is the major means of value transfer in the metaverse. 

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