6 Best Crypto Trading Courses for Beginners

6 Best Crypto Trading Courses for Beginners

Are you planning on venturing into crypto trading? Well, you will need trading knowledge to get started. But don’t worry. There are several online courses designed for beginners that you can enroll in to gain the skills required to become a profitable crypto trader. This guide lists some of the best trading courses you can find on the internet today.

Why are Crypto Trading Courses Necessary?

Whether you are getting into crypto trading for the first time or you need to improve your trading skills, crypto trading courses can prove helpful.

One of the major reasons for joining a trading course is to manage your emotions when you have open positions in the market. The trainers will teach you how to control your fear or greediness.

Moreover, you will learn how to use popular indicators like falling knives, moving averages, and relative strength index. Another important trading aspect that you will learn is risk management. Every experienced trader will tell you that managing your trading risk is the only way to become successful in crypto or any other financial market.

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Top Trading Courses

Here are the trading courses available online today:

Certified Cryptocurrency Trader

This trading course is offered by Blockchain Council, an organization that comprises professionals specialized in crypto trading and artificial intelligence. It will take you fifteen hours to complete the Certified Cryptocurrency Trader course, and afterward, you will be issued a certificate. The course features the following modules: Trading Basics, Risk Management, Technical and Fundamental Analysis, and Trading Techniques.

So, how much does the Blockchain Council charge for its course? You will pay $199 to join the course.

The Complete Crypto and Bitcoin Trading Course

For only $100, you can enroll in this course to learn several units related to trading, including Technical Trading Techniques, Value Investing Fundamentals, Technical Analysis, and Candlestick Trading Fundamentals. The Complete Crypto and Bitcoin Trading Course is offered by Wealthy Education via learning platform Udemy. You can complete it within three hours.

Besides crypto trading, the trainers will educate you on how to identify the right altcoins to invest in.

Cryptocurrency Fundamentals, Investing and Trading

A group of blockchain professionals known as 101 Blockchains offers this course. It is perfect for both novice and experienced investors and traders who wish to inject funds into crypto assets. The units covered in this course include Bitcoin Fundamentals, Investing in Blockchain, Technical Analysis, Investing Vs. Trading, and Trade Implementation – Wallets, Tools, and Data.

101 Blockchains will give you a certificate after you complete its Cryptocurrency Fundamentals, Investing and Trading course. The training fee ranges between $10 and $600, depending on the units you choose to study. The entire course takes you three hours to complete.

Rekt Capital – Technical Analysis Course

Rekt Capital is a group of crypto analysts popular for sharing its technical and fundamental analysis on social media platforms, especially X (formerly Twitter). The group also offers its crypto trading course suitable for newbies and experienced traders. The 17-hour course covers numerous units, including Candlestick Analysis, Order Book Reading, Moving Average Interpretation, Market Psychology, Support and Resistance, and trend lines and channels tutorials.

The trading course costs $290. Unfortunately, Rekt Capital does not issue certificates.

Crypto Trading Mastery Course

This course will teach you about Technical Analysis, Trading Styles, Risk Management, Trading Philosophy, and Automated Trading. These units will only cost you $400. The Crypto Trading Mastery Course is available on Learnerspoint.org. Data from the website indicates that trainees complete the program within 40 hours. Unlike Rekt Capital, the company behind this course, Learners Point, issues certificates.

The Complete Crypto Course

This training program is available on Udemy. Interested learners must pay $129 to enroll. If you join, the trainers will take you through several modules, including Introduction to Web3 Security, How to Create a Diversified Cryptocurrency Portfolio, Risk Management, and Crypto Trading.


While many people prefer learning cryptocurrency trading on their own, it is advisable to join a trading course as it comes with multiple benefits. For example, you will get to be mentored by crypto experts who have been in the industry for many years.

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