A Guide to Bitget – Everything You Need to Know About the Crypto Exchange in 2024

A Guide to Bitget – Everything You Need to Know About the Crypto Exchange in 2024

Over the years, Bitget has grown to become among the most reputable crypto exchanges in the world. Are you looking to start trading digital currencies? This Bitget guide can help determine if the exchange meets your trading needs. Continue reading to learn more.

Exploring Bitget

Founded in 2018, Bitget is a popular centralized exchange headquartered in Seychelles. The trading platform boasts more than 20 million users and has a presence in over 100 countries. In terms of regulatory spread, Bitget has secured licenses in Australia, Canada, Italy, and Lithuania.

Per data on the exchange’s website, the company has over 1,200 employees across 60 countries.

Cryptocurrency Trading on Bitget

As a Bitget user, you can engage in futures, spot, and margin trading with leverage of up to 125x. Regarding the top traded pairs, ETH/USDT and BTC/USDT take the lead.

AI Trading Robot

How to Register With Bitget in 2024

Once you confirm that Bitget is available in your region, you can set up an account with the crypto exchange by following these steps.

Step 1: Go to Bitget.com and click “Sign up” on the homepage. Once you do this, enter your phone number or email to start creating a Bitget account.

Step 2: Verify your email or phone number through a code sent by Bitget.

Step 3: Next, you are required to complete a puzzle to prove that you’re not a bot.

Step 4: After completing the puzzle, Bitget will give you access to your new account. However, you will be restricted from accessing certain features until you verify your identity.

Step 5: To complete identity verification, you must submit a selfie and a government-issued identification document. Bitget will review your details within an hour.

After your verification details have been approved, you can now fund your account to start trading.

Does Bitget Offer Welcome Bonuses?

Immediately you become a verified Bitget user, you will get spot trading coupons worth 1,000 USDT. Depending on your trading volume, you can redeem the coupons for 300 USDT or 50 USDT. Also, these coupons allow you to trade at discounted trading fees.

Supported Payment Methods

If you wish to buy cryptocurrencies without funding your Bitget account, you can do so through e-wallets, debit/credit cards, and third-party payment processors like Banxa.

Bitget’s Tools and Features

Quick Buy

As stated earlier, you can buy crypto on Bitget using your debit/credit card. This is done in the exchange “Quick Buy” section. You only need to link your debit/credit card to your account to purchase some digital currencies. What’s more, the transaction is usually completed within a few seconds.

Trading Bots

Do you want to automate your trading strategy? Bitget lets you do just that using its trading bots. If you like trading in the spot market, you can try out spot grid trading bots, which buy and sell at certain levels. Also, there are auto-invest bots for dollar cost-averaging and Futures Martingale bots for trading futures.

Bitget Web3 Wallet

Bitget offers a Web3 wallet that supports over 80 blockchains, allowing you to access a wide range of decentralized apps. Moreover, the wallet lets you store over 100,000 cryptocurrencies.

Bitget Earn

Besides crypto trading, Bitget supports staking. You can stake several digital currencies via the exchange’s “Earn” feature to receive an annual yield of up to 22%.

Copy Trading

Bitget is one of the few crypto exchanges offering copy trading services. There are more than 100,000 professional traders available for you to copy. Copy trading is helpful, especially for novice crypto traders.

Are Your Funds Safe on Bitget?

Bitget has adopted a number of security protocols to protect user funds. For instance, the exchange uses cold wallets to store customers’ digital currencies, shielding them from online treats. Also, Bitget requires users to employ two-factor authentication to safeguard their accounts.


Whether you want to earn passively or engage in active crypto trading, Bitget has got you covered. But one thing you should keep in mind as a potential Bitget user is that crypto assets are highly volatile, so invest responsibly.

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