Report: Over 30% of Blockchain Games Have Been Discontinued

Report: Over 30% of Blockchain Games Have Been Discontinued

Jon Jordan’s Report

Last month, blockchain gaming analytics firm Game7 reported that about 50 crypto-powered games were discontinued in 2023. However, the latest report by the founder of Big Blockchain Games List, Jon Jordan, indicates that the figure could be higher.

Jordan said on Saturday he had discovered that 406 blockchain games were no longer in development. The number represents 30% of the 1,303 games that appear on Jordan’s list. The crypto gaming enthusiast said he marked some of the 406 games as “discontinued” after realizing that their developers no longer gave updates and their social media accounts have been inactive for months.

Games such as Oath of Peak. Lost Archive Plus, Pixelcraft, The Harvest, Arcane Magic, and Blankos Block Party have been labeled “Canceled.” This is understandable because their developers have come out in recent months to announce quitting development for various reasons like inadequate funding and harsh market conditions.

Why Immortal Game and Neopets Metaverse Abandoned Blockchain

Games like Immortal Game and Neopets Metaverse have been given the “discontinued” label after they abandoned blockchain technology to become crypto-less games. Last year, Neopets Metaverse boss Domic Law said they had decided to ditch blockchain following backlash from gamers. Immortal’s developer, on the other hand, said they abandoned blockchain due to “heavy cheating.”

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So, which blockchains recorded the highest losses? Jordon’s report shows that most of the games that have been discontinued were being built on the BNB Chain. Polygon, Solana, and the Ethereum mainnet also witnessed a significant number of games leave their platforms. As for Sui, only nine games were discontinued last year.

Meanwhile, Game7 director George Ishichos says their report didn’t consider games that have been inactive on social media for a long time as discontinued, arguing that some game developers choose to be silent during the early days of development.

Web2 Gaming Scene Records a Massive Game Discontinuation Rate

It is fair to say that the crypto gaming industry hasn’t witnessed the discontinuation of games alone. The traditional gaming scene has also had over 40% of games canceled in the past 12 months. On top of that, several studios have been shut down, with more than 10,000 employees laid off.

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