Ben “Bitboy” Armstrong Files Lawsuit Against Hit Network Leaders

Ben “Bitboy” Armstrong Files Lawsuit Against Hit Network Leaders

Bitboy’s Lawsuit Against Hit Network’s Leadership

Popular Youtuber Ben “Bitboy” Armstrong filed a lawsuit on Monday against Timothy Shedd Sr. and Timothy Shedd Jr., the co-CEOs of Hit Network. Bitboy alleged that the two leaders removed him from a media firm he founded five years ago.

The lawsuit mentions BJ Investment Holdings and Armstrong as plaintiffs and the Shedds, along with TJSJ Holdings, as defendants. As per the lawsuit, BJ Investment Holdings is Hit Network’s parent company and also owns the “Bitboy Crypto” YouTube channel.

Armstrong’s company, known as Better Than TJ, owns 67% of BJ Investment Holdings shares, while the Shedds and TJSJ Holdings own 33%. For this reason, Bitboy says the firm was wrongfully taken from him.

In his lawsuit against the Shedds, Armstrong claims that the two Hit Network leaders started conspiring to take BJ Investment Holdings from him at the start of the year when they locked him out of all social media accounts and misappropriated the YouTuber’s funds for their personal gain.

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Armstrong continues to accuse the Shedds of acting in a fraudulent manner, alleging that the two cannot account for the $1milion monthly revenue generated from ads.

What Bitboy Wants From the Court

Per the lawsuit, the YouTuber wants the court to help him regain control of BJ Investment Holdings, including access to the firm’s social media and financial accounts. Moreover, Armstrong is seeking compensation for damages.

Meanwhile, a termination letter sent to Armstrong in mid-August by the Shedds alleged that the famous YouTuber verbally abused and physically assaulted Timothy Shed Jr. on August 20. Additionally, the letter claimed that Bitboy was a heavy drug abuser and had threatened to beat some of Hit Network employees on several occassions.

The YouTuber’s lawsuit, however, does not address the Shedds’ claims. Instead, it states that the termination letter is “ineffective and void” since Armstrong owns the majority of BJ Investment Holdings shares.

Hit Network’s Leadership Rebrands Bitboy’s YouTube Channel

Despite Bitboy’s latest lawsuit, Hit Network leaders have rebranded his YouTube channel from “Bitboy Crypto” to “Discover Crypto.” However, many of Bitboy’s YouTube subscribers have not welcomed the move. They are calling out the Shedds for trying to bring the YouTuber down.

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